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Banana Muffins!

I am sure everyone has their favorite banana bread or muffin recipe, but I have to say these are REALLY good and that's why I am blogging about it! I got the recipe from ( I will attach the link). I did everything the same except I only had two bananas, I used whole wheat flour and I folded in mini semi sweet chocolate chips instead of the streusel topping!


November 11, 2017 by Victoria Gray

Sheridan Wyoming 3rd Thursday Street Festival!

We had so much fun meeting new people at the Sheridan 3rd Thursday Street Festival! Thank you everyone who bought clothes and stopped by!


August 23, 2017 by Victoria Gray

Fish to Table

This week Jon and I decided to do some exploring outside Bozeman. Our first adventure we explored a beautiful lake called Cliff Lake. The lake was absolutely gorgeous and crystal clear in spots. It was here we found out Lola was a swimmer and really hated fish...

The second spot we went to was a hot spring called Renova Hot Springs. The actual hot spring was very anticlimactic. It was small and right off the side of the road, plus there were some people in it.  We decided to keep driving and found a campground where we stopped and did some fishing. Jon caught two really nice rainbow trout. We planned on releasing them back but... Lola's killer instincts kicked in and got ahold of the trout and killed it! So, we put it on ice and brought it home to eat. Jon prepared the fish by stuffing it with crushed thyme and lemon slices. Then seasoned the fish with lemon pepper on the inside and outside. He lightly brushed the fish with olive oil as well as the grate of the grill. He grilled it for about 7 minutes per side, but the key to fish is that if you try and flip it and it's stuck to the grate, it is not done yet! We served the fish with a quinoa salad, grilled peppers and garlic bread!

August 11, 2017 by Victoria Gray

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Thanks for visiting Chace & Co.! My name is Victoria Chace Gray and I am the owner of this online retail store and the Chace & Co brand. I grew up shooting, hunting and fishing my whole life, but also have a passion for fashion. I decided to intregrate the two into the Chace & Co store. I believe woman can be both feminine and love the outdoors and also be feminine in the outdoors! I hope on my website, you can find items you enjoy and information for the feminine outdoor woman in you!  Chace & Co. is about styles I love and styles I wear in the field and out on the town. In addition to the store, I hope to bring my experiences to you through my blog, on Instagram and Facebook. 

~ Victoria