Christmas Tree Cutting

     December 2nd, you might have already finished up your Christmas decorating and got your Christmas tree, but in case not, I highly recommend going and cutting one down!! 

    First off- I know most people don't live in/near the mountains, but it cost us $5 for a permit to go cut down basically any tree we wanted in the mountains. We had so much fun trying to find the "perfect" tree (even though it's far from it). The best part was there weren't any people around- the dogs could frolic and be free, although Lola the yorkie struggled just a little. Don't worry, she was put in the car with the heater full blast. When we got back to the car there were pools of water all over! Also we got her, her very own yorkie ornament for being such a good sport ;) 

     Once we were about 7 miles up a dirt road in the mountains, we found our tree in a forest of many trees, so finding the one was challenging, but in the end this is what we got! I think she's a cutie!

    All loaded up and ready to go home! 

And finally, the end result!! 

     Parker approves!! Although not as full as some christmas trees you can buy, when I look at it, I think of all the fun we had cutting it down, which makes it better than a perfect looking tree. We found out it is a englemann spruce - very prickly, hard to handle, but good looking from a distance and keeps the dogs from chewing on it, except Parker who actually had been known to chew a cactus when she was a puppy. Merry Christmas everyone!!


Meg Winter

Meg Winter said:

Love your blog. Miss you all so much. It feels like you left for the moon, so far from theEast Coast. Your cowboy is a knock out but let’s see more pictures of you little Ms

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