Christmas Rustic Decorating Featuring Katie Hill

 Rustic Christmas Decorating 101 

      "It’s that time of the year, folks…the food comas are over, all of the leaves are off the trees, Christmas music and advertisements take over every radio station, and you might even have a mess of pine needles all over the floor of your living room as a result of a tree purchase. 

    Decorating is on a spectrum. Some of you hang the stockings, light a fire and call it good. Some of you take Matthew Broderick-level measures, plug in your staple gun and light your entire roof (see Deck the Halls one of these nights…great movie). No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears you put in to your decor, however, if you’re looking to switch things up this year, the classic “rustic” look will never go out of style.

     The biggest benefit of bringing the outside into your living room, dining room and stairs is probably the smell. Real pine, real garland and real pinecones means that the usual dusty attic scent is replaced by the crisp smells that nature has to offer. No real pinecones available near you? Find cinnamon-scented pinecones at a local grocery or craft store, and dump them in a vase. A simple burlap bow around the neck of the vase makes a beautiful centerpiece or accent to any home. Check out this article for more burlap decorating options: burlap article

    Another major benefit of keeping decorating “au natural” is the potential for “make your own” projects, something that could bring together friends or kids on a snowy day. Go back to the pinecones for a second. With either woodland-collected or in-store purchased, pinecone garland is an easy and fun DIY. Use a long piece of thin hemp rope to tie around pinecones. Incorporate small greens from the tree or twigs from outside by tying them into the hemp for variation. Drape this over the mantle, around the tree, or over a door threshold for a fun twist on classic garland. Using the cinnamon-scented pinecones serves as double duty, overpowering whacky holiday kitchen odors. Find easy instructions for a pinecone garland here .

     Make a cute candle display by surrounding candles with cinnamon sticks. Use a hot glue gun to stick the cinnamon sticks to the candles vertically, and then using either burlap ribbon, wire ribbon, or the same hemp rope from above, tie them up with a bow. photo link.

      Purchasing real-greens wreaths also usually supports local businesses. Find a tree farm nearby, and ask them if they sell real wreaths. They might be a little more expensive than the plastic wreaths available at Walmart, but they will look fresher and proceeds will go towards hardworking people near you. If you don’t have access to real evergreens, then you can always find ways to spice up your fake wreath, with bows or holly or even antlers…yes, fellow huntresses, antlers. Nothing says rustic-chic like a few nice spikehorn sheds. Check it out here

    It’s 2016, people. Brightly colored, plastic decorations are out. Impress your in-laws with how down-to-earth yet wittingly crafty you are, use real greens instead of fake when possible, and skip the trip to Wal-Mart…or at least to the home decor section." - Katie Hill  

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