This year will be my first time hunting a turkey for myself! I have been before but only to watch and assist. We have been searching on google earth for good turkey spots and think we have found some great places to check out! For my turkey hunt, I have compiled a checklist for what I will use, so if you get the opportunity to go turkey hunting yourself and want some of the products I wear, just click the link!

  • First of all, turkeys have amazing eye sight, so you have to make sure your covered in camouflage from head to toe. They also have great hearing, so when you find your spot in the woods to start calling them in, you want to make sure you are not moving around and your gear isn't noisy! 
  • Nikon Binoculars :These binoculars are light weight and compact! I've used them a lot through out my hunting trips and love them. I love looking for animals, I think it's my favorite part about hunting, and these have not disappointed. They are also very affordable! 
  • Crooked Horn Binocular Holders are a must! When you're hunting things can get fast very quickly and you need to have a holder for your binos because you don't want to drop and loose them. These holders are very comfortable and secure. 
  • I  have an Alps Outdoorz back pack which is great! It holds a lot and has many different compartments for all my necessities. It also has a water bladder holder to keep me hydrated.
  • My hiking boots are discontinued now, but they are from Schnees boots. Schnees signature boots are amazing!  The winter boots are incredibly warm and the summer boots are very breathable. The hiking boots are great too, they fit me very well, are true to size and keep my ankles supported. 
  • I am going to wear my prois ultra hunting pant. These pants are very light weight, comfortable and quiet. 
  • I also always keep my headlamp in my backpack in case it gets dark quickly and I need to find my way out! I use a Petzl Tikka headlamp that works pretty well. It has low and high settings, not the fanciest headlamp but its good for how much it costs. 
  • Always have layers when you hunt anything! I have an Under Armor camo long sleeve shirt  and a camo fleece
  • Buy a camouflage face mask so the turkeys can't see your face- find in any outdoor sporting store. 
  • An assortment of turkey calls. 
  • Shotgun with an extra full choke. 

During my hunt I will keep you all updated via snap chat and instagram as best as I can! So stay tuned for my turkey hunt experience! 

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